About Me

I am a freelance web- and graphic designer who lost his heart to digital creations and

to photography – a passion that also occupies most of my leisure time. It seems that

these two domains inspire my talent the most, as there are: a magic touch for

computer applications, a sense of the right situational moment, of visual assessment

and of my client’s needs.

An artistic disposition does rarely ensure a living and thus I work full-time as energy

planner in an engineering office. This function requires a lot of technical know-how

and precise calculation as well as some representational creativity. My constantly

flowing inventiveness, however, comes often off badly – that’s why I compensate with

my freelance work.

In search of ideas and photo subjects I like to travel while I find distraction and

recreation in paragliding and scuba diving. I would consider myself to be a contented

and balanced person who is inquisitive toward everything that nature and technology

have to offer.

My Philosophy

Nowadays, a well-made internet presence is undoubtedly the best business card of

every company, independently of its size. The visual and textual representation is

composed of technical knowledge, an appealing artistic design and an informative

content. All three aspects ought to be complementary in order to present the offered

services/products promotionally as effective as possible.

Seamus-Art develops individual (complete) solutions for small-scale enterprises that

want an altogether perfect website. Following an introductory discussion defining

conception and objective of the client, I will proceed with a layout for the logo, the

structure of the website, a temporary text and the graphic design, including pictures.

By doing this, a process develops in continual arrangement with the client, until both

parties arrive at a satisfactory result. It is spirit and purpose of my work to eventually

deliver an end-user friendly interface that allows for the user to easily administer

his/her internet presence autonomously. I self-evidently also provide an ongoing



Seamus Art  |  Speerstrasse 10, CH-8640 Rapperswil, St. Gallen  |  info(at)seamus-art.com

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